Over the last two years, working from home, economic uncertainty and increased stress has taken its toll on most people. Employers have had to look for new ways to focus on employees’ wellbeing, motivation and productivity, while taking into account “the new normal”.

The Path So Far

At Fusion, we are always looking for ways to be forward thinking and celebrate success. From early on in our business journey, we have held quarterly staff meetings where the leadership team provides a business update to the whole company. The focus is on what’s going well (and what’s not going so well!), client wins, employee success, and next quarter strategy. We also do anonymous Q&A staff sessions.

Every quarter, we crown an employee of the quarter, and they get to keep the coveted Employee of the Quarter trophy on their desk. Perhaps we need to look at making that trophy virtual!

Furthermore, our bi-annual employee satisfaction survey has improved morale, opened lines of communication and encouraged honest feedback. This has helped us, in the leadership team, to make decisions and be more aware of areas of improvement.

Introducing FusionPoints

Whilst these initiatives have always gone down well with the team, we felt that it was time to take things one step further. Following careful consideration, the leadership team outlined types of behaviours we wanted to encourage and celebrate. This led us to the launch of our FusionPoints program.

How does it work?

We set out some key behaviours which I have outlined below and assigned a number of points.

  • Positive Client Feedback – 25 points
  • Passing Exams – 30 points
  • Creating opportunities for sales – 30 points
  • Writing a blog – 25 points
  • Refer a friend (Client or Staff) – 50 points
  • Re-post a Fusion social media post on LinkedIn – 2 points
  • 100% attendance in the month – 30 points
  • Suggesting an improvement to a process which gets implemented – 25 points
  • Inspiring / positive post on the Fusion Teams channel – 5 points

We have a leader board available on our intranet, and the team can apply for points to be credited to their account by filling in a simple form and uploading the relevant evidence.

So why am I writing to a blog about this? Well, apart from the fact that I have personally just won 25 points (!!), we think that it’s something that all companies should look to introduce. It sets out clearly the behaviours important to the company, and (if done correctly) provides a gamification strategy. This has been proven to increase motivation and employee happiness, especially with millennials!

Each month, the person with the most points will win a prize of £250, and the person with the most points at the end of a quarter will win a prize of £500 and an additional day annual leave.

The program has received great feedback so far, and I would encourage all employers to look into strategies such as FusionPoints to maintain a positive, motivated team in 2022!

Why not join our team?

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