Lights go out… A single spotlight flicks on to show a middle-aged man in full lycra workout gear. There is a shimmer from the rhinestones, embezzling his wide sleeve, as he reaches over and opens the spreadsheet named… ‘budget’ and he prepares himself to get… financially fit.

Get Those Reps In

Ok, so it might not be as big a deal as that but for some, but it can still bring on a sweat. With costs going up, one or two of us might have had a flick through the bills, bracelets and bar tabs this last month and made a decision that perhaps we reign it in for a while.

So, why do we only do this when we are forced to? Why do we not make sure that every month we are saving a few of our pennies for those rainy days? Honestly, it baffles me how more and more prospective clients come to us commenting that they have nothing to show for all those years worked.

It is very much like your health. To stay fit, you need to go without some of the goodies and work hard in the gym. To stay financially fit, you need to go without some of the goodies and work hard on your budget.

Get in Shape

I see you there, thinking about those summer ice creams and ice-cold beers that just taste sooooo gooood…… Wait, what was I saying?

My point is that we all deserve to live life and if we never spent anything on ourselves then it would be very dull and we are already coming off the back of Covid-19, with a new found lust for what we missed the years before.

Let’s just remember however that no matter how much people earn, they spend up to their means and the only way for us to meaningfully resist is to force ourselves to adapt. Sometimes setting up a plan that you pop a little into each month, that you then can’t just rake back out again in the last week of the month, is a sound plan and a great way to improve your financial shape ahead of the summer.

Feel Fit

We love a “before and after” photo from a diet and that feeling of achieving something meaningful is great. However, with finances, it’s much more addictive; at the end of the year it’s incredibly satisfying when you see how much money you managed to save and more importantly, how much it then grew in that time, and without you doing anything at all.

It won’t be long before one year becomes two, two years becomes five and five years becomes 20. The feeling gets better every time you look and on that final ‘after’ photo when you realise that you never have to work a day of your life ever again. Wow that’s good.

Get Working

So, if you would like to take that first step and talk to a fitness coach…. Financial Adviser. Then why don’t you contact us here:  Contact us

We are independent Financial Planners and our job is to encourage this positive change and to make sure that what you do put away is working hard for you behind the scenes, so that you can ‘retire early’, whatever that means for you.


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