Despite having shown great resilience and having played a major role in economic recovery, the property market faces some challenges. Deals that would have normally completed over dinner or drinks in bars and restaurants have dwindled, with many of the recent larger transactions being negotiated and completed over Zoom and Teams. Property businesses are not alone, as is corroborated by our recent survey of SME business owners with 64% of our respondents stating securing new business and lead generation as their main challenge for 2022.

Property developers and landlords are always looking for deal flow within sectors notoriously based on personal connections so broadening your network of introducers and competitors has never been more important.

Gideon Gold, Property developer at London & District Ltd had a very successful year in 2021, having increased their connections and generated significant leads which has led to a number of successful transactions with these new contacts.

Landlords & Property Developers; we add significant industry know-how

We work closely with a number of property developers and portfolio landlords generating deal flow and new intermediaries. These companies have taken the network and platform we have built for them and gone on to purchase strategic properties in London and the surrounding areas, which has led to a rise in deal volume and connections.

The brief is simple; we firstly connect the individual to people in his/her industry – including lawyers, estate agents, insolvency practitioners, auctioneers, accountants, probate administrators, financial service providers, surveyors, enforcement officers and more.

Our digital team put out content about the property industry, especially focusing on the relevant market. The content is positive and upbeat. We don’t dwell on any negative sentiment in the market, but instead we highlight the positive things that are going on all around. We also focus on the problems that they and their company can help people with.

With our email service, we write personalised introductions to key contacts who match our client’s target audience.

And the results? Within the first few months of working with us, our client closed several key property deals. In our client’s own words: “Fusion has cracked the code to raising brand awareness, generating inbound leads and firing up corporate engagement. When it comes to LinkedIn marketing, this team is in a league of its own.”

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