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Fusion Digital was established to provide a platform for Fusion’s Full Service Digital Marketing Activities

Working with a range of different sized clients and industry sectors, we are now able to assist clients with a range of marketing services

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Reach thousands of potential clients in an instant, understand your existing clients more deeply and position yourself as an authority in your field – all this is possible with social media. 70% of UK adults now have a social media account, spending 51 billion minutes on Facebook last year alone. The opportunity is enormous. Experience of building our own successful social media presence has given us a unique insight on the strategies that work and will boost your bottom line.

Businesses thrive when they understand that social media works by developing authentic relationships.

Relationships that are based on mutual benefit. By being of service to your audience, sharing your knowledge and advice, they will give you loyalty and profit in return.

Building authentic relationships doesn’t mean abandoning professionalism. Your clients want to see that your expertise and creativity is matched by a focus on their results. It means that whilst you can reach thousands, even millions on social media, your clients can still speak to someone who cares deeply about them.

So in this mix of professionalism and more ‘human’ authenticity, it can be difficult to strike the right tone. To develop a strategy that speaks to your specific audience and engages them. At Fusion, we work with you to understand your business and its market. We develop a highly-targeted strategy that systematically attracts your ideal clients, exposes them to your expertise and convinces them to buy your products and services.


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Social Media

We help busy business owners like you save time, stress and money by managing your social media accounts so you can focus on running your business. Your money needs to be spent intelligently, building exactly the right audience that is eager to buy. We help you avoid frustrating and costly mistakes that happen when social media campaigns are not designed by knowledgeable experts.

Social Media

You will learn from our first-hand experience of building an authoritative social media presence. We give you the skills and knowledge you need to take advantage of this unparalleled opportunity. Your business needs a tailored social media strategy to be successful. We will show you how to develop and implement this to experience explosive results.

Social Media
Set Up

Breathing life into your social media journey, we can help you create pages for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that promote your business and brand with instant impact. If you have existing pages, we can help you refresh them, injecting new energy and excitement into your marketing.

Social Media

Businesses with existing social media resources can take advantage of our deep knowledge to direct and oversee your campaigns. We can give you independent advice on how your marketing might be received and the best way to respond to your results.

LinkedIn Profile

We can take full responsibility for managing and maintain your professional LinkedIn Profile by creating and publishing daily status updates, seeking out worthwhile business connections, filtering and accepting invitations and creating inMails to relevant contacts.
We can update your profile page to ensure it is attractive to your prospects and easy to find in searches using key words.

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