Your business succeeds by going beyond your clients expectations. You become their trusted partner, using your expertise to bring them clarity and success. Sometimes though, the solution to your own challenges isn’t clear. A second pair of eyes can help you reveal the answer, continue making great business moves and serving your clients well.

At Fusion, we understand this because we’ve been where you are now. Our first-hand entrepreneurial knowledge has been hard won. With 30 years combined experience, business has taught us far more than any theory book can about the realities you face every day.

Some consultancies learn theories from universities and training programs – we have lived it.

1) Business Planning

In the early stages of a new business, the explosion of ideas and creativity breeds excitement. Right from the beginning, steering that energy in the right way is crucial. No matter what sector you are engaged in, we can be your critical friend, bringing entrepreneurial experience, financial reality and a clarity of purpose to your business planning.

Fusion’s unique combination of first-hand entrepreneurial experience and deep financial skill positions us to give credibility to your offer. If you’re seeking investment, we’ll take you through the thought processes of investors to develop a message that is attractive, crafting your proposal into an ‘investor-ready’ package.

2) Business Transformation Program

As you focus on growing your business, adding new elements can introduce inefficiency and a disjointed offer to your clients. Products and services are tagged on as necessary and business processes can become confused.

Our Business Transformation Program takes a forensic look at the strengths and weaknesses of your business and its processes. We uncover the core of your offer and how to deliver it effectively to your clients. We then discuss your options for streamlining and leveraging your processes to accelerate your growth and profitability.

3) Business Coaching

No-one understands your business as well as you do. Often it can be difficult for an outside consultants to understand the complexity and nuance of your business with a short engagement.

Fusion Business Coaching allows us to integrate our expertise right into the heart of your decision-making process. By working together for a longer period of time, we can take a detailed look at your strategy, operations, positioning – leaving no stone unturned. With this wealth of understanding, we can begin to work with you on implementing the changes you need to achieve your business goals.

4) Process Design and Implementation

Sustained growth and increased profitability can only come when you have efficient business processes in place. If a new process fails or succeeds, the impact is likely to be multiplied many times over, so seeking expert advice is crucial to getting it right. Whether its a new process or improving an existing one, we analyse and optimise each stage and interaction along the way. This delivers you a smooth and robust process that supports your growth.

5) Merger and Acquisition

Buying or merging with another business allows you to capitalise on your combined strengths to dominate the market. We specialise in deal origination, due diligence and giving you the strategic financial and market advice you need to achieve the maximum benefit from your deal.

Our extensive network can uncover the ideal partners and investors to make your vision a reality. Fusion’s financial and entrepreneurial knowledge can assure you that your acquisition or merger partner has robust foundations that you can build your new, larger business on.

6) Tech Startup Advisory

Your business is at the cutting-edge of global innovation. Technology has the potential to scale exponentially and change our lives. We make sure that the business strategy behind the technology is as impressive as your service or product.

Together we can ensure that your financial models are robust, your business processes and strategy are in place, and you are prepared for growth when it arrives.

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