The deadline for the end of the tax year is soon approaching and the time for action is shrinking quickly. So, have you done these essential things already or do you need to get the ball rolling?

Have a cuppa.

Almost the most important thing is to book yourself time to sit down for 20 minutes, have a cup of something warm to sip and think about the rest of this blog. If you read this today, you will more than likely either not have the time to give it the justice it needs or realise you need to do something, make a mental note and forget again until next year.

So off you pop to your diary now and copy in the link for this blog, so that you can be better prepared to absorb and then act.

Reflect on Your Finances

We all will have made good and bad financial decision this year and we all can hindsight how we could have saved a bit more money here and there or perhaps could even have afforded to book another holiday that we deserved.

Finances are a balance and depending on where you are in life, will be different. However, we hope that at least more has come in than gone out. If it hasn’t, why is that? If it has, could it have been more? Then perhaps start asking yourself what you are doing with your savings. Saving them just to spend them on something else in the future is ok but having that wealth in the future is important to our long-term goals, for example, retirement, a bigger house, etc.

So, if we look long term, cash is losing 5.5% this year from just sitting in the bank and the rocket stocks that have done well of late, look to be hobbling now. Either way, now is the time to consider what you need to be doing.

Remind yourself of the plan

We all have goals and sometimes in the day to day we forget these. This is when we overspend or forget to put into our ISA each year. So have a think of what the master plan is and the long-term goal and then the most important step….

Give us a Call

We are fully authorised independent Financial Planners and so making that plan into reality is literally our job. Not sure what an ISA is? Forgotten to use yours this tax year? Made gains in your ISA but this is now starting to head back down in the wrong direction?

Now is the best time to fix those issues, before the tax year runs out and you miss out on the year’s allowance.

For more information, contact us here.


The value of units can fall as well as rise, and you may not get back all of your original investment.

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