For many individuals, LinkedIn acts as a social media platform involving informative professional content, alongside work or business-related updates from colleagues and peers. Businesses can utilise this free-to-use platform to create brand awareness and credibility. With over 660 million users, becoming familiar with LinkedIn will only work to benefit your networking and consumer outreach.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has resulted in an increase in media device usage meaning that it is vital to pay the right amount of attention to your LinkedIn SEO’s and online content.

Below are five tips to help you use LinkedIn the most efficiently, helping you control your brand personality.

Write what you know you know.

Primarily this is concerning writing what you know is fact. When blogging, you should aspire to be the voice of authority within your field. With this in case, professionalism and informed content is of the utmost importance, writing factually incorrect content will make your reputation unreliable.

You are still able to challenge topics that you are less familiar with, especially contemporary subjects, however, it is important to research well or get a second opinion before publishing.

Remember, you are writing on behalf of your brand.

Provide relevant information for your audience.

LinkedIn is a free-of-charge platform that mixes social media with professionalism. By networking, you can grow your audience, the more people that follow you or are connected to you, the larger the audience potential. By keeping the topics current and relevant to your brand or sector, your audience are more likely to share and openly discuss your content, working alongside the LinkedIn algorithm.

Choosing contemporary, trending topics will also create a modern impression of your brand, whilst also appealing to a wider audience.

Headlines are key

As previously mentioned, the success of your blog is reliant on your current audience promoting your content; the more they share, the larger your brand exposure. It is because of this that headlines are often deemed to be just as important as the text itself.

The saying ‘First Impressions Count’, has never been truer. For audience members that are unfamiliar with your brand, their first impression will be of your headline, meaning that it needs to be clear, as well as relevant to your blog and brand. By creating an article on LinkedIn (Pulse), your blog will be searchable via most Search Engines, as well as clearly titled when linked to social media channels, and using the best phrasing possible will increase the likelihood of it being promoted. Keywords can help your SEO and with the use of Pulse, the headline will be temporarily pinned to your profile, easily accessible to audience members accessing your page.

Keep your page in THE BEST shape possible

Brand image really is everything.

An outdated LinkedIn page can reflect badly on your brand, making more of an impression than any achievements or content published on your page. Consistently posting and indicating approachability can encourage audience members to network with you. This can be easily controlled by maintaining an active and professional feed of content and information.

Simple tasks such as updating your Profile Picture and Banner, creating a clear URL and writing a captivating ‘About Us’ section, will all play important factors in determining your brand as experts in the field.


For many of you long-term LinkedIn users, you may remember Pulse, a feature of LinkedIn allowing you to publish articles; professional bodies of text centered around providing your audience with field-specific information. This is opposed to posts which will be updates on the business, shared content, and often current topics. Posts generally are shorter texts and have less longevity than articles, if you want to discuss a topic that will relate to your business for a long time, an article may be best.

Understanding the difference between these two content mediums is vital as many experienced LinkedIn users may identify misuse as incompetence. Posts can be pivotal in making your business seem approachable so remember to keep an eye on the comments using the Notifications feature.


Using LinkedIn as a blogging platform can help your brands exposure and allow you to network with audience members providing a less formal communication and a personal approach to customer service.

Creating relevant and engaging content regularly may be an aspect of business unfamiliar to you, and can often be time-consuming, however this free-to-use method of marketing, if used correctly, will only increase the professionalism and legitimacy of your brand.

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