Here to Stay 


It has taken 15 years or so for the Fractional CFO and part-time Finance Director ecosystem to mature, but now it is here, and here to stay. Part-time CFO and Finance Director services have been around for decades but until more recently have never been well understood. Perhaps the catalyst for change was the pandemic which has made entrepreneurs and SME leaders alter the way they work, widening their view of diverse ways to work with management. 


The Service 


Fusion’s part-time CFO as a Service (CFOaaS) has extended its customer base over the last 12 months, as more growth company leaders want to better understand their position and capitalise upon the opportunities that are emerging as the country recovers and inches its way out of recession. For some it is a case of knowing how a part-time CFO or FD can help, and for other first-time leaders there is a little unknown.  


Our squad of part-time CFOs commonly work for multiple clients. They combine remote work with office visits, but this can vary based on the business requirement. Either way they become a trusted and affordable resource for founders to turn to.  


The 3 Levers – Reporting, Scaling, Raising Money 


The orientation of our Finance Director team is entrepreneurial. They support clients with enhanced reporting, deep analytics to inform scale decision making, or help businesses sell or raise money. But in all cases, counting the beans alone is not the goal. The objective is to help propel companies forward, supporting their quests to expand and or to become more profitable.  


Finance Director vs Accountant? How About Both… 


Some companies are ready to hire a part-time commercial Finance Director service for the first time and can do so in a cost-effective manner, until the time that super growth calls for a full-time hire. We also speak to a lot of companies who believe they have a commercial FD in situ in the form of an in-house accountant. Accountants are 150% crucial to a business but if a Founder is trying to grow, then it is essential to utilise a resource that has experienced the highs and lows of business growth from a financial leadership perspective, managed ambiguous situations and is able to take financial evidence into a management meeting to inform healthy discussions.      


The Next Step 


It starts with a call…Here at Fusion, we pride ourselves not only on our years of expert experience in this field, but also our quality of service. We put people first, and our ultimate aim is to grow as you grow. Your success is our success. Get in touch today to have a friendly, no strings chat with myself to explore how we can help take your business from strength to strength. 

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