If you are a founder or leader in a start-up, early stage, or high growth company in need of some financial and commercial guidance, then Fusion’s CFOaaS should be your first port of call!

Watch Adam Bloch, Head of Fusion Recruitment, and David Bloom, CFOaaS Director present an overview of Fusions new CFOaaS.

In this webinar, the main areas covered include:

  • An overview of Fusion’s new Chief Financial Officer as a Service.
  • Why do companies need Fusion’s CFOaaS?
  • The key areas that make up Fusion’s CFOaaS offering – Reporting, Scale, Corporate Finance.
  • A Q&A session with Adam and David.

Whether you need an operational and commercial CFO, or an early-stage Finance Director, a growth specialist, a strategic fundraiser, or sale expert, Fusion’s CFOaaS can help your business.

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Adam Bloch

Head of Fusion Recruitment

David Bloom

CFOaaS Director

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