LONDON – 3rd August 2023–London Based Professional Services Group Launches US Tax Division

Fusion Consulting Group is delighted to announce they are now offering US Tax Return and Advisory Services to all new and existing clients, with a mission to bring impartial, dedicated advice at all times.

The United States of America has and will continue to remain a global financial, political, and military hegemony for decades to come – regardless of where in this world you call home.

Henry Smith-Langridge, Dual UK and US. Tax Advisor at Fusion commented, “At Fusion, we pride ourselves on being the one-stop-shop when it comes to advising all of our clients on their  tax strategies and managing their businesses’ tax affairs.

US taxation is simply another feather in our well-established cap when it comes to delivering our clients with bespoke taxation advice that goes above and beyond just the physical borders of the United Kingdom.”

As discussed in Henry’s blog and video (available on the website), there are countless people who are legally obligated to file US tax returns each year – some of these people would not have even known that they needed to do this in the first place. There are a number of reasons for needing to file a US tax return including being born in the US to possessing a green card (irrespective of the fact that the individual may have lived outside of the US for their entire lives).

Therefore by offering this service we can help a large amount of people to ensure they don’t fall foul of the US tax system and face issues later on.

Mitch Young, Director added, “We’re extremely excited about the new opportunities we have to offer clients and cannot wait to build upon an already outstanding foundation.”

Fusion Consulting Group is one of a handful of companies in the UK that has been able to create a truly joined-up, multi-disciplinary offering for private clients and SME businesses. The group seeks to abolish the fragmented advice and ‘advisory gap’ which has become customary when working with multiple advisors.

Contact Fusion Consulting Group for more overall information on how we can help you and your business on www.fusionconsult.co.uk  or +44 203 841 7010.

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