Investment is not dead. In fact, it’s very much alive which may come as a surprise given the current global situation.

I have had a number of clients who have recently made contact to enquire about scaling up and how to find investment including acquiring businesses which have fallen into administration.

So what happens next?

Typically founders will have secured investment already or may need us to help in this respect. We have a strong network around us and can help locate the right investor if that is the case.

My role is to undertake a legal hand-holding exercise from the start of the fundraising process, through to the completion. This will involve entering into negotiations with investors’ lawyers regarding the investment generally, the investment agreement and/or shareholders’ agreement and undertaking the constitutional formalities in connection with the company’s share capital.

It is so important to “investor-proof” your business and now is a perfect time to do this. What does this mean? Well any investor will undertake a rigorous due diligence exercise in respect of your company before parting with their cash.

Some questions you might want to ask yourself are as follows:

  •  Are all your contracts current and up to date? Do they protect your business in the best possible contractual way?
  • Do the company’s articles of association need amending or updating?
  • Are the company’s statutory books all up to date?
  • Have the directors correctly filed everything at Companies House that should have been filed?

The list goes on.

Fusion Law can help your business become investor ready and generally make sure that your company is being run and managed in the most effective way from a legal perspective. We are offering a 15 point legal check reviewing certain key documents delivering a concise report outlining any issues followed by a confidential 1-2-1 call with a member of our legal team.

If this would be of interest, or if you have any questions on preparing for investment, just drop me a message.

Elle Berrett, Senior Solicitor at Fusion Law

Fusion Consulting is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm focused on fast growth and entrepreneurial businesses. We work closely with business owners assisting them with business advisory, accountancy services, tax, legal services and digital marketing.

We would be delighted to arrange an initial free consultation to help you navigate your route to investment.

For more information, please give us a call on +44 203 841 7010, or contact us here.

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