Yesterday Chancellor Rishi Sunak unveiled the contents of his budget, at what might be one of the most critical points of this decade.

We have gone through what he’s said, and we distill for you the key points that will affect us all: businesses and individuals.

Sunak, setting out the tax and spending plans for the year ahead, has announced new measures to help businesses, to aim to preserve jobs, and to support the self-employed through what we all hope is the tail-end of the pandemic.

Key though are a series of tax increases that Sunak hopes will help to put a dent into the deficit caused by the pandemic emergency measures.

The cancellation of the Autumn budget came as a surprise to many.  The Chancellor wanted to focus on “the here and now”, stating that “now is not the time to outline long-term plans”.  But here we have a budget that must be for the long-term.  If we optimistically view the pandemic as being on the back-foot, this must be a budget for recovery, and we would be naive to consider that to be a short-term endeavour.

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