Who would win, Nijinsky or Black Beauty? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday – Nijinsky. Why consistency of effort over a prolonged period. Nijinsky trained every day under the tutelage of Vincent O’Brien. Black Beauty was rolled out now and again for a film clip and made to look good; galloping over moorland in slow motion.

Drawing parallels between the gym population and the population in your office: We all see those people in the gym who look the part, then step on the treadmill and run ‘fast’ for 10 minutes and step off, thinking they have “put in a good shift” – that doesn’t work; their legs are moving fast, but there is no consistency, no longevity, their efforts are pretty shallow. Get on the treadmill and when the treadmill automatically stops (60 minutes in my gym), get off, walk to the next treadmill and go again. When you are done, rest, recover and comeback tomorrow – that is what you have to do in life.

Take Eddie Hall: In the gym you see people loading up the barbell with the biggest plates, (trying to) lift the weight, but they have bad form, low reps, complete one set and think they are Eddie Hall. Eddie Hall spent 15 years lifting progressively heavier weights day in day out in a crappy gym in Stoke on Trent and eating 12,500 calories a day; that is why he broke the then deadlift world record.

As an Accountant you probably aspire to be a CFO, but being the CFO doesn’t come just by going to the right University, qualifying at the right firm and going through the (slow) motions. Take a look under the skin of a successful CFO and really understand all the hard work that they have put in to become the CFO – year after year proceeding over rock solid financials, the long hours honing their leadership skills, the Boardroom battles etc.

To be successful in life and hence in your chosen career, you need the substance behind the image; a great deal of Fusion Recruitment’s Search work goes into identifying a short list of candidates that don’t just look exceptional (on paper) but are exceptional.

Be more Nijinsky; tip – having a mentor (coach) of the calibre of Vincent O’Brien helps.

For more information, or to discuss this further, please contact Steve Evans, Senior Recruitment Consultant at Fusion Recruitment.

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